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    Review for Airship Survival
    Rating: 3 out of 5

    The Good
    Another survival map, Takes use of knowledge of minecraft, beautiful design.

    The Bad
    Once reached the airship you've given too much of an advantage

    Drawn straight away to the title, and the amazing screenshots, I found myself downloading the map in an instant. I started the map up straight away and found myself on a bedrock island with a pre-built cobblestone generator. I noticed there was an unfinished part between the airship and the island that the player must build a bridge across.

    I looked around and I thought that the given items in the chest was fairly placed, giving the tools you need as well as spares (Thank god for that, given the fact I fell off at one point - foolishly taking a spare bucket) and the signs ahead told me enough information that I needed.

    After 10 minutes getting to the airship, I instantly started exploring. I thought the design was a beautiful and clever design, but I found a chest that contained all the materials in one place. My hopes of a story about a mysterious abandoned airship were dashed, which could've been an amazing part of the map if a story was implented. There should be more areas to explor and secret hidden items and chests.

    Nevertheless I must say I neither enjoy nor dislike the map, but it'll be a great multiplayer map. All you need is more challenges to get needed items, a story implented about the ship, and then it'll achieve at least 4 out of 5. If there is an update to the map I'm more than happy to review the updated version.

    Bryce Sharples aka. 11774
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    Quote from lexarne

    i really like this map. big fan! looking forward to other survival maps!

    Thanks! This is my first map so I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    I'm working on number 2 which is as str2own99 wanted to be like.

    A huge dome in the middle of practially nowhere. Coming soon!
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    Survival Dome - Legend of the Stone

    Trapped in a dome...
    You wake up, trapped in a glass dome. You a left with a chest full of coal and seeds and saplings. The only other thing in the dome is stone and a lone tree. This is my amazing map. Included in the packaged zip is:
    • The Map
    • Screenshots
    • Challenges
    • Tasks

    You start off in the dome, but underground is a whole cave system, in it is a mysterious libary which leads into a mysterious civilazation gone wrong. There are broken portals, with fragments of the nether realm leaking out of it. It has a huge hidden diamond mine, which is guarded by a ton of mobs. And the only way you can escape the dome is to find the diamond mine and continue along the mines.

    The only trouble is, where to find the diamond mine?
    When you escape from the cave entrance/die check the tasks to see what you have done and check the challenges. Add up your points using the Readme and brag about it to your friends. I hope you enjoy the map. Post screenshots of your achievements, your finds and your buildings in the topic. Any feedback (Positive or Negative).

    Download link:
    Mediafire 1.0
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