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    Nature Craft

    Nature Craft is a mod that adds a mob, palm trees, coconuts, and more. This mod is still in development and is in Beta. Bugs, especially with the Seagull, are there but I am posting this for feedback.

    Versions: 1.15.2


    Palm Trees - They spawn on beaches. Look similar to acacia trees but taller.

    Palm Features:
    Palm Logs
    Palm Planks
    Palm Saplings - can be placed on sand, red sand, and grass
    Palm Leaves
    Palm Button
    Palm Pressure Plate
    Palm Fence
    Palm Stairs

    Coconuts - Spawns on beaches, when mined it drops an edible coconut

    Golden Coconut - Gives special effects, crafted with 8 gold

    Seagulls - Spawns on beaches, does nothing at the moment.



    Download CruseForge 1.15.2

    Known Bugs:

    Palm Fences do not connect to other Palm Fences

    There are no Seagull Spawn Eggs (use /summon [playername] naturecraft:seagull to summon it at the moment)

    Planned Features:

    Fix Seagulls: animations, spawn egg, more flying, sound

    Rest of Palm Wood Stuff: Stripped wood, Slabs

    Coconuts dropping from palm leaves

    Thank you for any feedback!!

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