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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a minecraft server host and web hosting. I plan to host one to maybe two minecraft servers. Maybe even some sort of build server for my applications I develop. All my applications are open-source and are over on Github. I only have one application up at the time of writing this that needs to be redone but i shall hopefully have more up soon.

    The core things i would need are FTP, SSH access. A control panel would be nice if possible. :)

    My friend agreed to pay the bills as long as we get donations from the players or just random people. So that means we're pretty tight on cash so the main thing in a real world scenario is to get a server sponsor or some sort of discount but we hope for a server sponsorship.


    If you decide to consider me for a sponsorship, Here we go! - If not skip down a few paragraphs.

    I’m 100chilly, I’m 17 years old, I’m an amateur/beginner programmer with three years experience in running Minecraft servers on Microsoft Windows and almost one year with Linux so I know about server management quite a bit. I use to host from home but I recently moved about one year ago and my current internet service provider has limits on their bandwidth so I can't afford to run big servers anymore. I currently manage Iron Frost Gaming
    as their Head-Tech and Head-Coder.

    I’m looking for a 2gb to a 3gb server for a possible transfer of Iron Frost Gaming. We have a rather medium-sized community so its ideal to have 45 or more slots available. We run Bukkit with a decent amount of plugins so its also a good idea to have 2gb to 3gb of ram available. This server is currently factions pvp with griefing allowed to factions only.

    The second server would be for mods (after i get permissions) running under bukkitforge or mcpc. So I would more than just 1gb of ram. After i obtain permissions, people would be able to download the mods via some sort of launcher and be able to login. I’m still debating if it would be a creative server or not. it would most likely be a creative server then once the map gets finished it would swap over to survival.

    The reason i want a server is because I’m currently unemployed and still in school and it gives me something to look forward to when I come home from school. Servers are my getaway from stress and anxiety. If we don't get enough donations i can most likely stretch a few payments but a sponsorship would work the best.

    Both servers would be advertised here on the forums, on PMC, and few different minecraft server lists.

    If anyone is interested in sponsoring Iron Frost Gaming or Binary Gaming, I obviously don't expect something for nothing. I’m currently learning html in my free time and soon to be learning java and c++. I could most likely code a basic website for someone if they request it, if you have a advertisement banner, I’ll add it to all my websites of course. I’ll try to promote the hosting company in anyway possible! This includes in-game and outside of the game (Ex: Possible banner on my Twitch.tv/YouTube accounts).

    Here are some statistics from the old Aim2Game server, we just migrated to a new host so it’ll be a few days before its like this again. Note: This is a direct image on Flickr due to the fact that Aim2Game seems to only create temporary images.

    “What are your requirements if you (100chilly) are doing all the technical work and your friend is paying for it?”
    Well, like i said, I would definitely need ftp and ssh access, and the control panel would be nice but its not a dealbreaker. Port 25565 would be great as well but still, not a dealbreaker. 20 TPS is what keeps me going so thats ideal as well. :)

    I asked Flenix if I could borrow his template, he said I could borrow it:

    If you're going to offer me a server, Can you please include this information?

    Total RAM available to me:
    Total HDD space available to me:
    HDD or SSD?
    Total CPU power/core count available to me:
    Total amount of IPs I can use:
    Any bandwidth restrictions?:
    Avg. Upload and Download speeds:
    Geographical location:
    Any restrictions?:

    If you wish to know anything else please reply here with your question(s) or pm me :)

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    Event now over, thanks for people who came! The server IP will remain public for now.
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