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    Quote from Minecrafter1912

    You just have to drag-drop the file into your mods folder. But make sure that you are using Forge #897+

    Similarly to the other person and what you said, I've tried both. Gonna attempt it a few more times, but Forge seems to not be picking up Optifine in any way or form at all.

    I'm also going to try it the old, manual way if that doesn't work either...
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    Quote from The_Real_Yoge

    Is there a full playthrough of the old sea of flame on the youtubes? Having a hard time finding one :/

    Um... ZombieCleo, @JoeHills, I think PMSProxy has a solo run (but I forget of which version), Pause... SHOULD have a solo run somewhere in his old vids, I KNOW rockandroll4life has a run of the updated SoF, and that might help. :3

    Quote from God_Megusta

    In Inferno mines, Lush ruins I keep hearing ghast sounds, are there actually ghast spawners or is it just the /playsound command (I can't find any ghasts)

    Well, not quite, Megusta...

    Parts, if not all, of the Great Inferno (That chasm running around the entire map) is actually Hell Biome on the latest update of the map. Wouldn't be surprised if that's what you were hearing... :B


    More comic, heads up!

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    Looks amazing so far, Rock.

    *watches, follows, licks and rapes*. :B

    EDIT: *rolls around in the page-get*
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    Haven't looked at the actual map, but, using a beacon and NBT Edit, couldn't you put everyone on perma-hunger? Or did you beat me to that thought? XP

    This really is an awesome idea. :D
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    Quote from Lord_Dust_Bunny

    Those lizards are amazingly cute. Just getting that out there.

    Quote from hoodvire

    Brilliant Durt, absolutely brilliant

    Athankyou, both. :B

    ... The lizards are coinsidentally part of a chunk of prologue I had cut out. Just didn't seem to fit, and the pic was already drawn when I did the cutting. Soooo, ya... lizards for no reason. Meh, I'll shoehorn them in... ^^;

    Quote from Squeggo

    Mother of god this is where I've seen you before! not just in Rsy streams .

    O, haithar. :B

    Quote from zero9089

    But whats the fun of grinding for stuff to do the grinding for you.

    My thought precisely, but to each their own. If they want to turn MC into something completely different, by all means, let them go. I'll just stay here in my dirt hut and my two-row wheat farm and my slow, manual fishbone mineshaft. ^^;;;
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    Quote from Arikast



    ... Okay... haven't been on lately. Been busy with life stuff. Super uninspired. T_T...

    Man I miss this place... T_T

    Gonna go ahead and throw this up here. See what you guys think...

    ... before you whine, there ARE pages. They're just kinda... sitting there. Script is done, tho. More when I can. >:3
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    Quote from SeaWry

    I will say those are quite nice sketches as well drawings on your DA. Ramsacked your DA page a bit.

    More creative then I am and as well in different things. Well done.


    Thank ya' kindly. :3

    Quote from tjk

    Because someone requested it:

    Spoilered for big images.

    (No longfall boots, but, Portal! And cake!)

    Quite a lot of epic there. Very cool. Always figured Freeman to be something aquatic.

    Quote from Enorym


    Aptly named. Those neko are wrong. :/ That first shirt with the mouth is nice. :3
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    Quote from BinaryWolf

    Here, have a pixel art vixen with a flame thrower:D

    The feet look a little derpy, but hey, it's my first attempt at a pixel character. I'm trying to get better so I can make the graphics for a flash game I'm working on.

    Looks good, but the legs are a bit straight. That's two bones in that 'thigh', not one... watch a dog or fox walk. ;3


    No art? ... ... Um... here... Warning: HUUUUUUGE. :I

    Also, hai. :B
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    Quote from Pieluvr

    Ever heard of tunneling or bridging?
    @HolyDirt(AngelicDirt) Try this http://www.minecraft...necraft-harder/
    You'd think that that would have come up in the list... >.>; Thanks!

    Quote from inferachnid

    It won't. While some features of the new version are cool (stained glass), burnt out torches are never staying. It boosts the difficulty up extremely high and changes gameplay dramatically.

    They would have to make the lit duration longer... or increment it. I'd also think that it would be better to make them always give off a light level of 1 so that you could find them while groping around in the dark. There's a slight flicker in torchlight already, so I imagine that it's possible.

    Quote from TheReVurt

    I'd imagine Ultra Hardcore on 1.5.1 would be pretty damn hard. I'm interested in trying and possibly LP'ing it myself. I find the Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore videos quite entertaining.

    Forgot all about that mod. Hunger Games Mod as well, if its still being kept up. Thanks.


    aye-YAH! Uncle did RESAAAAACH!

    And these are the mods I have found so far to add an (almost) instant and fair amount of difficulty to Minecraft, and, more importantly for you pros and pain addicts, CTM maps:

    (*=probably better in vanilla, probably because of new structures/added areas, unless noted)

    Harder Peaceful
    Ars Magica
    Mo Creatures (Peaceful mobs off, naturally)
    Battle Towers*
    Better Dungeons*
    Dungeon Mobs
    Infernal Mobs
    Lava Monsters
    Twilight Forest* (Could probably spawn in the bosses, if so desired)

    ... These are the mods I know off-hand, plus what I gleaned from the current MCF ModList. This list is ongoing and is subject to changed. All liability is waved when you install these mods. Any permanent damage to you, your psyche, and your ego are the responsibility of the user. I liek cheese. Make me a grilled cheese.

    I feel like I should start a topic elsewhere for this. Then I'd be more compelled to link things. Yes? No? Oh well... FORSCIENCE!
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    Quote from cameron274


    ... Thank you for scareing the poo outta me.

    Quote from zachgamer77


    1.) Don't link that site here; we're procrastinating enough. Remember kids, tropes will ruin your life.

    2.) He technically uses, and enjoys using, the most awful GDBs in all of gamedom, the Creeper. Soooo, yeah.

    Quote from haon7272w

    No, if you want to get technical, ROMhack is when you alter the contents and data of a ROM, like Kaizo Mario World, now that I think of it, using the term ROMhack to explain the difficulty of a map is kind of redundant, as Minecraft isn't a ROM.

    Lol, being smart is fun.

    Ya wanna be SUPER technical, you'd mention that not all Rom hacks are even all that hard, and some are designed to be super easy versions of the games they hack.

    Can't out-geek me. Don' even try... :B


    SO... I was thinking about ways of making MC (in general, but I can see how this could apply to a map...) harder. (Vechs is a gawddamned masochist, by the way... Even when he got somewhere that was painful to [email protected][email protected]) First thing that came to mind were mods, naturally.

    I'm thinking... Harder Peaceful, Ars Magica (it spawns some pretty nasty nasties and complicates the ingame skill tree...), Mo Creatures (with nothing but agro mobs on), Battle Towers and Better Dungeons, just for flavor. (World generation mods, of course, having no effect on CTM and other maps, but, you know...)

    Hmm... Note to self; compile a list of mods that make MC harder... Any suggestions?
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    Quote from haon7272w

    Oh it is fine. Whenever I play Inferno Mines though, I will go by this lore. Also, I am not done making them. There are 4 more planned story arcs. Rosie, AMLUP, Zed, and the player.

    Oh, good. Paranoia... subsiding... Can't wait for the other Arcs. :3

    Quote from Bly


    Also, it's funny, because Vechs has been preparing us for this joke.


    He makes huge, elaborate maps filled with traps. Are you surprised he laid bait for that video?

    Quote from Alcyonestus

    For the 1.4 update they had removed all (or almost) lighting glitches in a snapshot, but because of some unknown reason they ended up not implementing this is the actual update.
    Also: Community Question:
    What would you like to have implemented inl minecraft from the list of stuffs in the 2.0 update?
    I would like stained glass, SH mode and fat animals. The 200% framerate increase would also be nice. And reversing gravity. That would be fun.

    That coal block. About friggin time. The stained glass, as well.

    Quote from HunterEris

    So, I write a fantasy world (ex-D&D campaign setting, now with my own game system) and I've decided that to name something after Vechs.

    I call it the Vetchian Quantum.

    This amount is used by Alchemists and Mages to determine how much Aether (magic) can occupy an amount of mass before it overloads and explodes, killing everyone in a magical fire of doom and destruction.

    I feel this is appropriate because Vechs is constantly pushing the Vetchian Quantum of his fans for all it's worth. XD

    That is utterly delightful, but I have no votes left... Um... here! :Diamond:
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    Sooooo, there's this guy on the youtubes that does these videos, and he doesn't say it outright but he wants more views. Either that, or he's frustrated with people saying "DOOD YOU SHUD HAVE, LIKE, A BILLIONZ SUBZ BY NAO, DERP!"

    I present to you exhibits A and B:

    His latest, and, IMHO, his greatest. He's ranty, he's funny, but he's not whiny and pitiless like other nerd ranters that I will not name... Also, um, he's got this funky thing with his immune system and can't always put up videos. But, hey, archive binge. He's got plenty. *nodnod*

    --->Go. Sub. NAO. Um... Plz.<---

    Thank you and have a nice day.
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    Quote from Made_of_Fire

    Did you see Amlup's latest video? How do you explain the
    the vast amounts (21,000) iron blocks in Luch Ruins?

    Trap layed by the... present inhabitants of the mines. >:3

    Quote from haon7272w

    It is finally here, I present to you-

    Inferno Mines-Hillia's Story Part 4(Final)

    Hillia's log: Day 307-

    As Hane finally said we have to leave, we started heading deeper into the mines in search of an exit. The problem is though...we found something that we never though possible...We found an entire city...a civilization....we now know that we were not alone...something or someone was down here with us...I am scared...I don't know what to do...

    Hillia's log: Day 308-

    As we went farther into the civilization...we found a structure that resembled a fortress...and it was surrounded by a lava lake...We realized that this civilization is no longer, and it was long since destroyed by the creatures and lava that litters these caverns. This civilization is constantly sinking in the magma and the molten sandstone....there are lost souls that wander the streets of this desolate civilization. It seems as if they were trying to run from something when they were attacked. The fortress still stands though, as if a remnant of the crying souls that didn't make it. But as I stand near this castle, I am feel that I am being watched.

    Hillia's log: Day 310-

    I am surprised that I am writing this entry, as I was making a mad dash to survive just a minute earlier... The rest of the miners and I trued to run through the castle to get to the other side so we could bypass the rest of the hell that ran rampant in the rest of the city. It was an idea that most of the miners regreted...Especially Rosie...As we were running through the castle, she syated behind to fend off the endless monstrosities that chased us through the castle...she called to her Blaze army, and her favorite blaze, Bruce, even tried to help. They were able to fend off the creatures long enough to help us run through the castle...but I looked back, and she...was one of them...she had been taken by the undead, and even her blaze army was now after us...none of the men expected it, and we were sad, she was the only one giving us hope...that is all gone now...and we are basically alone in this predicament...with her after us...we have to go...now.

    Hillia's log: Day 321-

    After a week and a half long rest and food-scavenge session, we decided to move on, or we would never get out of this cave. it seems Rosie came back to her senses, and she jumped...of the castle completely...just a second before she was trying to kill us...I don't blame her though, this hell doesn't seem to end. We are now only 100 of the original 300 we were. I am starting to lose hope...I don't know what to do...I want to give up...I want to die...but I cant...I have to see my wife and kids again...I just have to, even if it is just one more time...I have to...

    Hillia's log: Day 330-

    As we traveled farther out of the civilization, we found a rail line leading to another part of these hellish caverns. Damn Hane for his neverending orders. he acts like he is the king of the entire land. He wants to continue the idiotic mining operation that was doomed to fail in the first place...I am thinking of getting rid of him myself...wait...why am I thinking of such a heinous act! These caverns are corrupting everyone's minds...it seems that I am not the only one...most of the men are getting restless and angry at Hane...it won't be long...

    Hillia's log: Day 339-

    It seems pointless to continue writing these, but I must let somebody know of this hell we went through. As we passed through that massive sinking city, we found a strange...but interesting, junction between the areas that we seemed to have found...it was made completely out of quartz, and it was basically an enclosure that contained countless of boxes of lava filled quartz. The navigation was difficult, but we managed. What else do we have to go through? I am worried, but it seems that if whoever they were, they were able to make a civilization out of this place. An exit must be close by...it has to be.

    Hilia's log: Day 345-

    After we followed a path that came from the junction, we found a large area that looked like their library. We didn't find much there, but we did find a record of what happened over the last few years here. The city was constructed by pigmen...Andrew Malfoy Lawrence Ulthar Parsnitch(We call him AMLUP for short), says that he ound a book that contained records and blueprints for the entire city. Even the ancients couldn't have built these. These pigmen are very smart. If Zed were here he could have told us how they did it, but he stayed behind at his house. I don't know if he is still alive, but I doubt it.

    Hillia's log: Day 350-

    We visited another area in the junction after we made made our way back to the gallery as AMLUP called it. We found what seemed to be a long hallway, and under it...there was nothing...litterally...nothing was down there, someone was pushed down there by a zombie...we never saw him hit the bottom...As we went farther down the hallway, we found unspeakable horrors. We found...undead pigmen...They chased us out of the area...followed by hundreds of blazes and ghost-like creatures...we never went back...

    Hillia's log: Day 363-

    After we finally made our way back to the junction, we decided to go through the last tunnel. It was the only way left...the exit had to be out this way...or we would never make it out of here alive...I am writing this as we are slowly making our way down the hallway...there is something at the end of it...it looks massive...

    Hillia's log: Day 364-

    As we made our way down the hallway, we saw what was at the end of it...it was a large opening...and the area was made completely of a red rock...it was soft, but very coarse...it worries me, this area...it seems...

    Oh my god...Hane...he tried to scout ahead...he was just murdered by the pigmen...I...we have to stop...come up with a plan...

    Hillia's log: Day 365-

    It seems I have reached the one year mark in this cave...I...the miners and I saw a light at the end of this area...we tried to venture toward it...we were ambushed...and we saw...Zed...he...he was clad in shining armour...and he was...slaughtering the rest of the miners...he has become...a pigman...he killed AMLUP, Jim, Mark, everyone! Everyone is dead but me! I AM THE ONLY ONE LEFT! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

    After I have calmed a small bit...I noticed...Hane...he was by Zed's side...both of them looking at me...staring at me...beckoning me to try to make a mad dash to the exit....I don't know if I should...but...I have to...

    Please god...if I die in this place...make sure that I don't become one of them...please...I don't want to be one of them...I just want to die...


    As the fog fades after Hillia ran through the swarms of pigmen...you see him limping...holding the head of Zed as he slowly makes his way to the exit...

    He was hit in the back with an arrow...which came directly from a bow, held by Hane...

    Jeff Hillia, father, husband, and miner, fell to his knees. Hane comes up, and thrusts his sword into Hillia's back...Hillia falls.

    You see Hillia slowly stand up...puzzled as you may be...he is alive..but no longer human...You see Hillia walk over to the throne that sits near the exit that Zed once sat in.

    Hillia is now the king and leader of whatever goes on in these mines. As the light fades, Hillia senses a new miner, venturing ever deeper into the mines.

    You hore! You stole all mai ideas! How wilst I ever fic nao!?! >:B

    ... Juuuuuuuuust kidding. There are some scary, SCARY overlapping ideas present in our works, tho. Just letting you know so you don't think I'M copying... ... >.>;
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    Quote from Amlup


    Future reference: http://www.identifont.com

    You're welcome. :3

    *_* ... ... ... Yes, I am. Thanks.

    Quote from haon7272w

    I can't wait to see someone go back to Lush Ruins and turn it into an empty parking lot/epic base.

    Lush Ruins is going to be my storage closet. Everforge is going to be a complicated mob grinding facility. Lower Mines, I think, I'll turn into a Mushie Garden that spilled out of Amanita once I find Mycelium. I haven't decided on the rest. Ideas welcome.

    I'm basically going to deface Vechs' masterpeace, section-by-section. >:3

    Quote from tomjim2000

    Just found out something that contradicts in Inferno Mines

    Explore the vast mining operation left behind by a team of miners and explorers. Deep underground, a huge network of caves, tunnels, and massive chasms contains treasure, adventure, and extreme dangers. Defeat all-new enemies made possible with the Minecraft 1.5 update, and venture even deeper into areas no human has tread for thousands of years.

    Why was there food in the chests? Wouldn't the food expire? XD


    Past exploration parties. You can't possibly be the only one who seeks adventure, fame, and money exploring spooky, old, monster-infested mines, you know...


    Slowpoke IM report... GO!!!:

    After a few days break, I charged back into Everforge. That causeway walking up to the main doors is such a pain... Gonna have to, sadly, bust those spawners. Just can't control them from the ground, and I really don't want to try and play peekaboo through the walls to shut them off; I want to keep most of the castle/fort in tact. Gonna have to find someplace to grind witches later. As I said, Everforge is going to be my overly-complicated mob processing plant. >:3

    In the process of transfering loot from the first few rooms, I completed my collection of fully enchanted gear. Funny, I have only 4 1/2 points of armor on, but it's all Protection 4 and Proj. Protect 4 and such. Also, the boots are the gold Feather Falling that keeps popping up in the random loot chests. MC didn't want to take screenies for some reason. :/

    In the end, came out with some nice loot...

    ... and the entryway in is (mostly) safe.

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    Slightly off topic: Does anyone know the name of the font Vechs uses for his page 1 here and his YT page?

    ... No reason. I'm just gonna go back to arting now... *whistles*
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