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    posted a message on How Much Should a Dev Work For?

    Yeah those numbers sound much closer. I'd say a tad higher even.

    And a freelancer or any team of one is gonna charge (or should) 50+.

    To the OP: you have the right to negotiate, but don't undercut a freelancer either. You can negotiate based on how you pay too. If a guy want 40 an hour, say, "I'll pay 10 hours upfront every week if you do 30 an hour instead." Although lots of freelancers will ask for part upfront anyway based on the quote, but it's still an option in some cases. Keep records of everything as well, always ask for quotes and a receipt of some sort. An invoice.

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    posted a message on Electrical Age errors when adding project to Eclipse

    I found a solution! Will post when I get back on Monday.

    Leaving for the weekend in a few minutes and need to fold laundry.

    Solution when I return, promise!

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    posted a message on Electrical Age errors when adding project to Eclipse

    I've been running into a problem when trying to add the Electrical Age mod to Eclipse for editing. Or a few bugs, I guess.

    I get a lot of buildpath errors for weird libraries I've never heard of, and can't find documentation on how to set it up. I'm just trying to change a single recipe in the mod for personal use.

    So what I tried instead was to see if the Source itself was working. So I downloaded the source build built it with ./gradlew build and I keep getting an error when doing that. The error is:

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.item.Item.func_77655_b(Ljava/lang/String;)Lnet/minecraft/item/Item;
    at mods.eln.Eln.preInit(Eln.java:496) ~[Eln.class:?]

    Which refers to this line in Eln.java:

    Item itemCreativeTab = new Item().setUnlocalizedName("eln:elncreativetab").setTextureName("eln:elncreativetab");

    So, given that it reads from left to right, the supposed "method not found" is setUnlocalizedName, which most certainly exists for the Item class. So I'm wondering if it's a mapping problem? I don't know anything about mappings or how to set them up, but I just downloaded the Source for 1.7.10 - the same source that is in the official release.

    Attempts to fix the build path by adding the project in Eclipse scramble the mod beyond all belief and just break everything.

    I even tried to edit the recipe by just editing Eln.java in Notepad++ and building, but I still get the same method not found error. So is it something to do with build.gradle? I can post that code if that helps.

    Things I've tried:

    • Adding the source project to Eclipse
    • Fixing build path errors in Eclipse
    • Adding all Forge classpath entries to the ELN one and removing duplicates.
    • Building from source - Unmodded!
    • Building from source - Modded
    • Modding in a regular text editor
    • Adding the ELN /libs to my own /libs folder
    • Adding ELN /libs to Eclipse and making as source
    • Adding ELN /libs to Libraries in build path
    • Removing all ELN /libs

    Please be gentle, I've only started modding last week :)

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    posted a message on How do I build / ship without gradle?

    I remember in the past there was some way to just throw plain text java in an archive into the mods folder, no obfuscation or compiling into a .jar.

    Is there still a way to do that? I want to make mods that people can just extract and edit freely.

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    posted a message on Making My Minecraft Ideas into a Mod (Need Feedback)

    I didn't read all of it yet because I wanted to respond to a few things before I forget.

    The cave in thing is really cool. There are a few mods that do that, but only for 1.7.10 as far as I know.

    Keep in mind that with a system like that, you should provide players with some kind of way to prevent cave ins, like support beams. That means tracking the blocks and block updates around a support beam block, and maybe making the beam required to be attached to another all the way to a wall, rather than just floating.

    Another cool element that goes with cave-ins is underground gas pockets. They can suffocate you or explode, or even just be poisonous.

    Now with gas pockets comes the problem of torches! Torches might explode some of those gas pockets, and by lore, so would redstone. So creating some sort of power system that can give players clean lighting in caves that isn't explosive is a good idea. This means adding electricity and lightbulbs and energy systems, for which some mods have a solution that you could use as an API. One mod I like for 1.7.10 is Electrical Age. It adds a real 60-Hz DC electricity simulation with complex machines, recipes, and ores to back them up.


    One mod that I hope to create as a clean lighting solution is Glowstone powder. Feel free to take that idea and make your own as well, since I won't be releasing any of my mods. Glowstone powder is mixed with slime and can then be applied to walls (like redstone paste mod), except is glows, providing light, and helping miners make a "breadcrumb trail" to lead them out of caves.


    Another mod idea for you, which is a mod I have already created but won't release (so feel free to make your own), is a Blaze Sword. It's made from 1 stick and 2 blaze rods, and comes with Fire Aspect II. It's weaker than iron -- between gold and iron -- so that it's not overpowered, however it's designed as a last ditch effort to surviving and escaping the Nether if you ever get lost or run out of resources especially. I also added a stick recipe to it. A shapeless recipe of any 2 blaze rods that gives 4 sticks. Then you could also add a blaze dagger recipe for players who get stranded without a crafting table or wood. It would be just 1 stick and 1 blaze rod that can be crafted in the inventory.


    Trapped doors / trapped trap doors sounds AWESOME. Heck yes to that! Security mods in general are a lot of fun.


    I like the refined redstone idea. I actually am already working on a similar mod. It adds a recipe with redstone dust and gold dust (from tech mod machines, it's conductive), and can use iron dust or gold dust or copper dust, with strength going from iron to copper to gold. The mod also includes redstone capacitor blocks, which essentially is like a repeater in 2 directions that bounces the signal back and forth and keeps it going. The important thing is that the capacitor can be fully or partially drained, and charged back up again. Another block is a transformer, or sort of amplification circuit. It can take a full 15-strength signal and multiply it. And finally, an oscillator. And oscillator will turn Comparators into fully fledged transistors. It'll make circuit possibilities endless. With these, you can store states and create state machines without sticky pistons or other t-flip-flop circuits. There's nothing wrong with them, they're just huge. It makes me sad. [Edit] the transformer will be a true transformer, it will also attenuate, not just amplify.


    Another idea for you, and something I'm also working on, is some sort of enchancement to TNT.

    I think we all wish we could safely mine using TNT in a controlled manner. Well I hope to fix that. Adding new types of shaped detonators, maybe with a recipe using clay, slime, and redstone dust, that you can apply to surfaces and blast controlled shapes in. Basically directional, contained explosions for mining.

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    posted a message on how to make a custom enchantment ??

    Thanks guys, I was wondering this too.

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] How to add enchantments to a tool?

    I had this problem too when creative a Blaze Sword for 1.11.2.

    I sort of have a solution.

    I wasn't able to figure out how to add an enchantment that showed up in the Creative Tab, but I was able to have an enchantment added when the item was crafted.

    I did that by first creating an ItemStack that contained my item. Then I modified the stack with ".addEnchantment(enchantment here)". Then I gave that modified stack as an output in a crafting recipe. I'll post the code below.

    // Here we create an ItemStack that contains the Blaze Sword.
    ItemStack stackBlazeSword = new ItemStack(this);
    // Here I modify that ItemStack object by adding an enchantment to it.
    stackBlazeSword.addEnchantment(Enchantment.fireAspect, 2);
    // And here I add a recipe that gives the enchanted stack to the player. This doens't make it enchanted in the Creative tab though, so they only can get the enchantment when they craft this recipe, unfortunately.
    GameRegistry.addShapedRecipe(stackBlazeSword, "r","r","b",'r', Items.blaze_rod,'b',Items.stick);

    Important! Overlooked! [Edited] this code is for 1.7.10. I backported my mod to 1.7.10, so don't try to add this code to 1.12 because some of the names are different and it will error.

    Crap. I hope that code formatting worked. I'm pretty new to forums and used the code formatter but it looks odd. Maybe I'll try the Preview button.

    Anyway, I wanted to point out that it only says "new ItemStack(this);" on line 1 because all of this code is inside of my BlazeSword class inside of the Constructor. Otherwise "this" would have to be replaced with a reference to the item that can navigate to it. Like yourmod.items.blazeSwordVariableForRegistering or whatnot.

    Post Script / Apology:

    I'm pretty new to modding (just started last week), so forgive me if I have bad Java or Java practices. I've been programming for 17 years, but in C++, C#, Python, and Lua. Java is an absolute nightmare so far. It's needlessly abstract. I'm what they'd call a "functional programmer". Less heavy on the OO stuff, less classes, and more just point A to B functions and logic.

    [Edit]: Spelling

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tutor. I want to learn modding, but I'm struggling.

    Oh sorry, I misunderstood about the obfuscation. I see slightly unobfuscated source. Some variables and methods are still obfuscated, but so far I've been able to decipher what they are either by their data type or the comments above / below them, or just by searching. I also discovered the MCP github which has been helpful in figuring out which variables and methods are which.

    I also figured out how to use other mods as dependencies and was able to add Carpenter's Blocks to get a sloped block for making a cool rooftop vent!

    This is going a lot more smoothly now. Thank you a million, yet again.

    I don't plan on releasing any mods though, sorry. I often make mods just for myself and friends and I don't have a very normal sleep schedule, and therefor normal lifestyle, so it would be hard for me to maintain my own mods without letting the community down or being unreliable on releases.

    Edit: I did also create a mod that adds a blaze sword but then I realized I'm an idiot for making it because nobody else has problems in the Nether like I do. I made it for my friends and I who often get lost and caught without resources in the Nether, so it adds a sword craftable from Blaze rods and sticks. It has a fire enchantment, but is very fragile (between Iron and Gold durability). The balance of it was scaled to be relative to the number of wither skeletons you could kill with it, being limited to 4. It's meant as a last resort, so definitely kill a few blazes when you have it to replenish those rods. I think I need to add a recipe that let's you craft 2 sticks from a blaze rod too. It would make it more "survivable".

    Like I said, a scenario that I doubt many other players experience, but my friends and I are pretty terrible at Minecraft because we're always playing in half creative with tons of tech and gameplay mods. Kind of embarrassing to admit, but oh well. I guess the Blaze Sword mod is simple enough that I would release that if anyone wanted, just because it's so simple that it requires almost no maintenance.

    Rooftop Vents for Minecraft

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tutor. I want to learn modding, but I'm struggling.

    And now I've finished my first mod! All it took was a little push and 1 hour later I accomplished something.

    I know for a lot of people it's easy to just say, "hey newbie go learn Java first", but sometimes a nudge in the right direction is more helpful than that. So thank you, again for your help. You helped a ton. I learned a lot. I did a thing. Finally.

    Now onto my modding adventure...

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tutor. I want to learn modding, but I'm struggling.

    Okay so this source code is helping a crap ton.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jabelar. Seriously.

    This stuff is well commented and I can finally understand what's going on with these blocks.

    A problem that I worked on 10 hours yesterday is getting tackled easily now that I have some code to refer to. This is much better. More sane.

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tutor. I want to learn modding, but I'm struggling.

    I figured it out actually! Something went pretty wrong when running setupDecompWorkspace. I Googled this, Googled that, I come upon a Wuppy tutorial using a --refresh-dependencies. I ran the line:

    ./gradlew cleanCache

    and then

    ./gradlew install setupDecompWorkspace eclipse –refresh-dependencies

    and all of the sudden there were two new folders about "referenced libraries" that weren't there before.

    I cracked open the Libraries folder and found a ForgeSRC folder and that had all the files.

    I'm not sure what happened when I ran it the first time, but I guess it's fixed now. I did get a Build Successful, so I guess I assumed nothing went wrong. Now all of my missing library errors are gone. That's good, cause I wouldn't know how to fix them anyway.

    Crap... it looks like the source is still obfuscated to all hell. I will never be able to learn trying to pick through this. I can see the data type of each variable, but it doesn't tell me what each one does.

    Some are obvious, like x, y, z in methods that need to grab a block location, and World 2304823_a or whatever is obviously a reference to the world or maybe dimension, but most of this is gibberish.

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tutor. I want to learn modding, but I'm struggling.

    So I found the Minecraft Coder Pack...

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tutor. I want to learn modding, but I'm struggling.

    That makes total sense, but like I said, one problem I am facing is that there doesn't seem to be Minecraft source code. I don't know if I'm just getting Forge from a strange place, but when I follow a block class by CTRL + Left Click, it doesn't take me to the block's source code.

    It takes me to precisely the same list of block registries every single time. No matter which block out of 200+ that I click. It works for functions, but not classes. And when I search the Forge folder, there is no source to be found.

    I learn best by example, which is why I strongly wish I could just read the source code.

    And stuff like that -- "Forge hooks". I have no clue what that is, and official Forge documentation doesn't help because I'm not modding 1.12. I'm starting back on 1.7.10 because my dream is to help the Electrical Age team bring their mod to the mainstream. I'm also learning 1.8 at the same time because I like to play with the Steam Advantage mod.

    But it seems that documentation gets erased for older versions, no matter the site. There were tutorials I watched years ago on Wuppy's site for 1.7.10 that are now missing. And I can tell from reading GreyGhost stuff that there are missing tutorials on there as well. Sometimes the tutorials will refer to pages that don't exist.

    I learn by example and by official documentation, of which I have neither.

    And I really, really wish I just had a friend to program with. I'm strange in a sense that programming is one of my greatest passions but I don't have a single friend who codes. My friends are all athletes, tabletop gamers, artists. I'm the one outlier that codes.

    I wish I knew some programmers. Not even just for Minecraft, but for making programs together in general. I mod Skyrim too and it's kinda lonely doing it by myself. I do a lot of work in Unity and a bit in UE4 and it sucks not knowing any other programmers or game developers.

    I live in rural Wisconsin, so the nearest programmer to me is probably Los Angeles (kidding, but really).

    It's just kinda lonely being the only computer geek I know.

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    posted a message on Looking for a Tutor. I want to learn modding, but I'm struggling.

    Hey guys, I need some help.

    [tl;dr, I really need a tutor, please. I've Googled and experimented to the point of madness. I'm not making progress.]

    The last few weeks I've been trying to learn Minecraft modding, and I'm struggling. I'm looking for a tutor and friend to help and bounce ideas around with. I'm hoping for someone that can also just play some Minecraft with me and my friends for fun, while also making cool mods.

    I'm not a noob at programming, don't worry. I've been programming for 17 years, and actually was quite proficient in Java back in 2004 - 2008. However, I haven't touched it since, and I've forgotten all of it. I mean, the language has probably changed a ton as well, but these last few weeks have been tough for learning because I'm just not getting back into Java like I thought I would.

    My languages are C++, C#, Python, Lua, and a handful of smaller scripting languages and things of that nature.

    I'm coming to this forum out of desperation, really. Because I've been through the tutorials for GreyGhost and Wuppy and BedrockMiner and Sam's Teach Yourself Minecraft and SilentChaos and MrCrayfish... So yeah, I've done my "Googling". I'm not just messing around here. I've made several attempts to learn over the last 5 years and failed, because there is just a massive lack of resources on learning Forge modding.

    Now you're probably thinking that's a ridiculous statement, but hear me out. All of the tutorials tell me how to make blocks and items and extend basic tools.

    I already can do all of that. That's easy stuff. I don't need another tutorial on setting up proxies or making smelting recipes. I'm looking for someone who can teach me how to use custom renderers, teach me what a tile entity is, explain how to setup custom block collision, how to implement custom models, how to create actual effects on items, not just "here's a pickaxe made out of a custom cheese block". What if I want that pickaxe to be used to stir a custom goat's milk fluid to make custom goat cheese balls for crafting a custom cheese crossbow?

    That's the reason I'm asking for your help. I want to learn stuff like that. And I've been Googling this stuff 10 to 12 hours a day, staying up til 6:00am, and making zero progress because I'm not finding any meaningful search results. And I'm certainly not doing any actual practice or programming when I can't even manage to get a proper search result.

    And to be honest, I don't know what to search. I just spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to setup a custom collision box for a block that I made that has custom bound boxes, because when the player's head goes inside the box, the screen turns black. You know what trying to search for that results in?

    Tutorials on how to install forge and how to edit the player's bound box (not needed) and how to fix black screen errors. It's infuriating. Four hours of this crap. I'm going nuts.

    And GreyGhost doens't help in the slightest.

    His "tutorials" are:

    "This mechanics uses A and you need to get it from B and that all gets combined into C which results in D"

    A = thing I've never heard of
    B = thing I've also never heard of and can't find information on
    C = abstract thing that has no meaning to me and doesn't clarify anything at all
    D = another thing that is meaningless because I have no idea what I'm looking at

    And, no, guys, I'm not going to "go learn Java". I'm sorry. I don't have 5 or 6 years to spend on that. I want to make a mod today, tomorrow, a month from now. Not 6 years from now. I don't have money, I can't just go get a college degree in Java just so I can make mods for fun.

    That's absurd. Please don't reply if you're just going to say, "learn Java". I AM learning Java. That's why I'm hear asking questions. To learn.

    GreyGhost posts just make me ask more questions than when I started. He gives a great overview, but what I need is example code. And please don't say "look at Minecraft's code". When I do that, nothing shows up. Eclipse, CTRL + Right Click a method. That works. But using that on an actual Block? All it shows me is the line where it registers the block. It doesn't show me the block code. It's not there.

    When I tried to look up bounding boxes someone said, "Look at BlockSapling". I did. All it shows me is registering it to the game. The code that defines it can't be found. So I searched for the file in Eclipse. It's not there. I looked for Minecraft's source code in the Forge folder. It's not there.

    And half of the "source" is ridiculously obfuscated. I can't find search results when I'm googling func_a0000bc() or some crap for hours. I thought those had mapping libraries for them in Forge? Why are they not working for me? Where are my mappings? I can't read this obfuscated code.

    I just need some honest, legitimate help from someone kind enough to take pity on an old programmer and be a good Samaritan. I'm tired of Googling and finding a bunch of forum posts where people tell the guy "go learn Java" or "just look at the code". I've done that. We've all done that guys, or we wouldn't be asking. We didn't just go and ask first, we all Googled it and tried things and stayed up til 6:00am first.

    Nobody just goes and asks a forum first. They try first, then ask.

    Well I've tried countless times in the last 5 years and in the last few weeks, it's been hours upon hours per day, and I am making zero progress.

    I need help. I can already make blocks. Now how do I make unique blocks? I can already make items. How do I make unique items? I can already make food and recipes and all that crap. I want to know how to make something interesting.

    Please, please, friends. I'm begging you. I need a tutor. I need someone who can show me by example and explain things in detail. That's all I need.



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    posted a message on Redstone Paste Mod

    Hi, I'm a new mod developer and I have a question regarding this mod.

    Did you use the BlockRedstoneWire class to create the paste?

    I'm trying to create a purple dust that places like Redstone dust and am really struggling to find documentation on how.

    I'm not sure how Redstone placement works in the base game, so I'm stumped on what to search.

    Is it as simple as extending a class or do I need to make a custom renderer? I'm looking to make a dust that can connect like Redstone and detect connected sides.

    I don't know of any other mods with custom blocks like this. I'm struggling to find the right thing to search and would appreciate help.

    Thank you for any help, and for the record, this is one of my all time favorite mods.

    I can't play Minecraft without this mod, hopper ducts, or computer craft. (And wireless Redstone cbe)

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