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    Quote from ValkonX11


    This makes me really jelly too :(

    I wish I could deprive myself of sleep as good as you.
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    Quote from LindsayBrookee

    i wasn't trying to be funny, silly kid trying to be cool with your obey sig. ;D

    Honestly your annoying the crap out of everyone on OT.
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    This is a story about the last relationship I was in with a girl.

    I met Kate one night as I was goofing around with some friends in their basement, using their cellphones to call random people in their contacts and just messing with them.

    I called her on a friends phone, not knowing who she was.

    She answered and I began to make an ass of myself. My friends and I were all laughing so hard.

    The thing was, unlike the other people, she didn't get angry and slam the phone down.

    Eventually the topic got normal and we ended up talking on the phone for hours as my friends played on the Xbox.

    I was calling Kate almost every night for the next couple months and we would hang out together whenever we had the chance.

    One night the relationship escalated when we were hanging out and things went a bit deeper than usual.

    The relationship was so perfect, I was so madly in love with Kate.

    A month after we started dating, Kate had to move because of a job opportunity.

    She would be in New York, I would be in Illinois.

    We kept talking on the phone and texting while she was gone and we tried to keep our relationship the same.

    I wish she could have still lived by me, but I was happy with the way things were going and she was planning on coming up and visiting me very soon.

    On the day of January 2, 2012, Kate was walking to school with a friend, Amanda.

    Kate was listening to music so she wasn't paying much attention to Amanda.

    Next thing you know, Kate looked over and saw Amanda laying in the street.

    She had jumped in front of a car and killed herself. She recently had gone through a bumpy relationship which ended, and was constantly harassed by her peers.


    Kate had seen her best friend die right in front of her eyes. She was devastated, and I was too even though I never knew the girl up until the innocent.

    I remember Kate wouldn't text me for 2 weeks after the incident.

    After about 3 months things were back to normal with us, it was Friday and Kate wasn't texting me back randomly.

    I had a hockey tournament coming up that weekend up in Detroit so I had a long drive and was really looking forward talking to Kate the whole time.

    I thought maybe her phone was dead and waited till morning to see if she would respond.

    The next day nothing. I was extremely sad, I knew right then and there that there had to have been something wrong. I didn't know what, but for some reason I just had the feeling something bad had happened.

    I thought she was dead and broke down over the weekend. I played in the games still and tried to hide the emotions, but I played terrible.

    One of the days, I was in my hotel room laying in my bed crying, looking at the ceiling thinking about Kate when I get a text on my phone.

    I thought it was just someone on my team who was asking me to hangout so I slowly unlocked my phone.

    It was Kate.

    It was weird, the first text me sent me said "Is this Peter?" and then she talked normally after that. I still don't know why and she doesn't even know a Peter.

    She texted me from the hospital, she was hit by a car and was inches from dying, but her arm saved her by blocking the car.

    When I started talking to her she didn't even know who I was. I saw the message, froze and began crying.

    I told her that we were dating and she didn't believe me and said we were over. After a bit of talking and explaining thought she realized that we really were dating, and apologized and took back what she said.

    She barely even remembered anything about herself. She didn't even remember the incident with Amanda.

    I had to tell her things about herself. I never thought it was possible to know more about someone than they know them self.

    I never thought in my life I would be telling someone about them self simply because they don't remember. It's the strangest thing to talk to someone like that.

    Eventually she recovered and things were fine, but we started to grow apart.

    We were talking a lot less than usual and eventually it came to a halt and she broke up with me.

    I can't say I was extremely devastated, because we just didn't feel it for each other anymore.

    But now I regret that ever happened. Kate recently got a new phone and disconnected her old one, and now we have no way of communicating.

    The way things are now, I will never be able to see Kate or talk to her again in my life.

    I don't even have a simple picture to remind me of her. Nothing.

    It's like shes vanished into thin air.
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    Quote from zhriz

    you connect to the department of homeland security, flagged as an immediate threat, ip traced, location discovered, taken under arrest, jailed for endangering innocent citizens.

    That too.
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    Quote from nrub

    Direct Download (Version 1.0.10): https://launchpad.ne...unky-1.0.10.zip

    Wiki: http://chunky.llbit.se

    Development Blog: http://llbit.se


    You should add some example photos to the OP.

    Heres what I've got for ya:

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    I read the story Jeff the Killer and I know it's not real.

    Then I saw the picture.

    I'm in my room it's pitch black I'm sitting at my desk.

    I keep having visions I'm going to turn around and see Jeff's face staring at me.

    **** me.
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    Quote from SheenaTiger

    There is something I am wondering about... I have a computer with 8gb... allocated 6gb for chunky... and the render for a 600x400 picture is by now running 10 hours and it is still telling me that it is not yet finished while using all available cpu's to maximum...is that normal with chunky?

    It doesn't tell you when it's finished, you stop it when you think it looks good enough.
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    Dude this is incredible great job!
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    Quote from tsburger

    All of the blocks will be shiny. (random lololol)
    What if were in 3D and not blocky?

    Minecraft is in 3D already >_>
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