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    posted a message on Could I host a public server from my computer?
    Quote from bbqroast

    What? 8MBit/second is plenty. I can host a few (3-5) on my private server which has 0.5Mbit/second upload speeds. The general assumption seems to be 0.1-0.2MBit/second per player (but certain actions will momentarily take more so having 10% or so "reserved" speed for this to prevent sudden lag spikes is recommended).
    I would say you could easily host 20-40. Providing your not playing on the machine that is hosting. The GPU won't be used, you may want to consider a proper server OS like Ubuntu Server or CentOS Server to provide increased stability (both can be freely and legally downloaded off the internet).

    canihostaminecraftserver.com is pretty unreliable, it seems to be based off non parabolic equations when in reality it is all quite parabolic.
    Just try it out, how bad can it go?
    EXCEPT: Are you on an unlimited plan? Hosting a server uses a decent amount of bandwidth, most hosts will suspend your account (especially unlimited ones, as servers ruin there business model).

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm not entirely sure if I have unlimited bandwidth but I'm guessing that I don't considering it's for a home office.

    I was thinking about renting a server off of the internet (paying monthly) but I'm not entirely sure on how that stuff works so I may look into it. Besides then, I could play on the server and not worry about it going to ****. The problem is the cost though, a nice server can cost around 50-100 dollars a month and I don't know where I can come up with the money to pay for that, which it would be nice if I could get the server to pay for itself.
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    posted a message on What's wrong with my Essentials MOTD?
    Heres what my motd text is:

    Welcome to Jake's server &c{PLAYER}&c!
    &fType &c/help&f for a list of commands.
    Currently online: {PLAYERLIST}.
    Be sure to register on the website at &ahockeyserver.webs.com&a so you can stay up to date on the server.

    This is how it turns out:

    You see, the bottom line isn't supposed to be all green, just the website name is.

    Be sure to register on the website at hockeyserver.webs.com so you can stay up to date on the server.
    ^ This is what it should really look like ^

    So could anyone tell me what's going wrong here?
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    posted a message on Just some pics of my castle/harbor. heavy WIP
    You made that in a span of 5 hours?! That's amazing! Great job keep it up I think the way your building it is fine.
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    posted a message on Could I host a public server from my computer?
    Quote from jefe323

    Sure you can

    I guess my question is, about how many players could I fit without too much lag?
    Quote from webrosc

    what is the cpu, single, dual, quad, etc?
    graphics card isn't used by a server so thats not needed.

    an upload sped of that speed is pretty slow for a server, you'd be looking at 8 people max (i maybe a bit wrong) but either way not many people

    It's an i7 processor.
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    posted a message on Could I host a public server from my computer?
    Internet download speed: 2.2Mbps
    Internet upload speed: 6.18Mbps

    Computer Processor: 3.4ghz
    RAM: 8gb
    Graphics card: 1gbAlso my ping is 11ms
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    posted a message on Where are we supposed to post for servers we are starting up?
    Remember when MC Forums used to have the Starting up/Creating a server where you could post topics in? Where would one post if we were going to start up a server?
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    posted a message on VCGaming *Revamped* [v1.2.5] [Whitelist] [Towny] [Survival][Bukkit][Mob Arena][MCMMO]
    IGN: 04hockey
    Age: 16
    How long have you been playing: Since Beta 1.2
    Are you a team player: Depending on my mood, but yes I can, and I can also be a great leader.
    How often do you play: Almost every day
    Do you have pictures of any previous work, yes please submit in linked form: I kinda lost all my pictures :/
    Can you maintain an active presence within our server: Why of course I can!
    Do you have Ventrilo: Yes
    Do you have a microphone: Yes
    Are you able to socialize: Yes
    Do you have any experience playing on an RPG server: Yes, played on an old popular one called Mellenxia.
    Can you adhere to the rules set forth by this post: Yes.
    Are you willing to offer suggestions in order to improve this server: If I play and get experience with the server I could have tips, yes.
    Although not exactly necessary we do look for individuals who can create engaging RPG stories. Can you give us an example of some of your work: Wrote this for an old server...

    Long before the invasion of the Warlocks; Dux Brujo, the leader of the Warlocks, was still trapped inside the Cubiculum (jail chambers of the Nether). Each day passing, rage built up within Dux Brujo. He used his remaining of powers to look at the kingdom of Forthaven each day, trying to find any secrets of how to get out of the world he had been trapped in for many years now. But one day, a young villager, around 21, had learned his family had abused magical powers. As he stood on the sand, he watched his his loved ones, were one by one, killed by hanging. The anger within him was unbearable, which made him soon become classified 'insane' by the town and was teleported to the chambers within the Nether to be trapped forever. Veneficus, the only person within the kingdom allowed to use magic at the time, had felt a piece of this boys anger before in his life when the Warlocks had burned his parents in front of his own eyes as a child. He purposely teleported the boy into the corridors of the jails, and filled the boy with the wisdom to open the gates of the jail, and once again release the Warlocks. Unfortunately for the sake of the Whitesteed kingdoms, the boy did just as expected. Upon release Dux Brujo presented the boy with a title of the secondary leader of the Warlocks, and was given the name "Aenean Sollicitudin". The Warlocks quickly built up their defences, using minions created from the Netherrack itself. All day these minions would mine Obsidian deep within the Nether. After months of preparation, the Warlocks finnally had a fortress, in which they named Solumque Castellum. They gathered their armies, and prepared for a full-fledged attack on the people of Whitesteed. About to attack, the Warlocks constructed a large portal to the mainland of Whitesteed within the city of Solumque Castellum. As Dux Brujo gathered his powerful army, they marched through the portal with great anger and excitement as Dux Brujo and Aenean Sollicitudin watched with devious smiles on their face. At the same time, in Whitesteed, the world began to shake violently. People screamed in the streets of cities, babies were crying, and the knights of the kingdom positioned themselves on the walls and prepared for what was to come. Unfortunate for them, they had no idea what troubles lied ahead. Mutant freaks of the Nether rushed into the world, rising from the ground. Armies of Whitesteed fought their hardest, but were outmatched by their opponents. Soon the world of Whitesteed went to hell.

    What was the forth word in the fifth bullet of the rules, and what was the fifteenth word in the fourth sentence of the RPG Admin note: Achluophobia expansions
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    posted a message on Oriental Style Castle / Mansion (Finished)
    Very good! I don't think you should doubt your building skills anymore!
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    posted a message on My Survival World House (Sirs'Kingdom)
    Wow this is good! Keep it up!
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    posted a message on The Dna Project. My World, Welcome To It!
    How did you get the ore blocks legitimately?
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    posted a message on ~ CHILLAXcraft ~ [1.1] [Bukkit] [Anti-Grief] <[AMAZING World!]> - NOW HOSTED BY BEASTNODE!
    [1] Your IGN (In-Game Name): 04hockey
    [2] Why you want to play on the server: All the servers I used to play got shut down and I'm looking for a new server to make fun memories on! :biggrin.gif:
    [3] Anything you want to say about yourself: I have great leadership skills and I'm alright at building.
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    posted a message on What should I do?
    If your using your computer for gaming don't get a laptop.

    Also no I wouldn't that's a waste of money honestly.
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    posted a message on Epic Castle
    Nothing special though.
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    posted a message on Legendary castle build (work in progress)
    Meh, it's alright. By the way, that still isn't even that big.
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    posted a message on [Request] Logo
    Can someone create me a logo for my little picture over here on the left?


    I just got a new computer, and photoshop and my tablet software is not installed yet and I'm an impatient little ******* :biggrin.gif:

    If someone could just create cool text that says 04hockey with a nice dark blue and black background I would appreciate it a lot.

    You can PM me if you want something for the logo although I don't have much to offer.
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