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    Hello, minecraft community. I have read many threads where people wanted to remove their christmas capes or change how they look. Sadly, we cannot. But what if we could? Now you are probably wondering how this would work, so please allow me to explain it. You'll be glad you did.

    I believe that our custom capes should use an mage seperate from our character skins, which we can upload seperately. The loadout would still show what your character looks like (skin preview), but would show your cape too (if you didn't make it fully transparent). This system I have just told you about has many advantages over just making the cape a part of your character's skin. Your cape would be completely transparent by default.

    What are these advantages? First, it would make our characters more customizable. With the cape as a part of the player's skin, we could like how the person looks, but not the cape - some people might not use the skin just because they hate how the cape looks. With my system, we could have more freedom with our characters. We could use any cape with our character, or even decide to not make a cape at all. Also, unlike editing the game to show the cape you want, other players could see your custom cape, too. You would not be the only one seeing your cape, and you could even have a cape that nobody else has. Finally, it would get those people complaining about the cape on their characters to stop complaining. It would not break your skin, and whether you are wearing a cape or not would be optional. These forums would finally be free of threads that are people complaining about their characters wearing capes. Oh, and these custom capes would fit well with minecraft's theme.

    In conclusion, having customizable capes would be a wonderfull thing to add to the game. It would let us have more freedom when it comes to customizing our character, and it would also fit the theme of the game. I don't see why we should not have this ability. Please support custom capes, Minecraftia needs them!

    NEW cape template (Thanks, Googie2149!)
    Quote from googie2149 »

    Orange = Sides (Left and right respectively)
    Green = Area that faces the player
    Teal = Top of cape
    Red = Area that faces away from player
    Blue = Bottom of cape

    If you want to mention this on twitter, use this link - http://tinyurl.com/capecraft

    TLDR; We should have custom capes that aren't a part of the player's skin, but are still a part of the character ( Like the christmas cape and new years cape ). They would give us more freedom, and would also be very cool. Minecraftia needs them, so post some support.

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