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Support for Minecraft: Java Edition, modded and unmodded
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Failed to Launch Windows +1 More Minecraft was closed due to incompatible video card drivers. You need to download and install the latest drivers for the video. >>
by Kaike_08
1 83
Failed to Launch Windows Failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected. >>
by wiengs
2 223
Crash Windows +1 More I have a problem with one outdated driver. >>
by Lunka_XD
1 133
Failed to Launch Windows So my minecraft doesnt starting >>
by darkmagician6102
8 421
Failed to Launch Forge Won't Work >>
by thegrand_potato
2 81
Crash Failed to Launch +2 More Really Weird Glitch >>
by cadenrexd
6 268
Failed to Launch 1.15 +2 More Sorry! Make sure you're online and try again! >>
by sumnus94
3 92
Crash Failed to Launch Error loading and long loading >>
by erik39
11 755