MCPE: Texture Pack Help & Requests

Need help with MCPE texture packs or want to make a request? Post here!
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Request 0.10.5 +3 More Request: Can somebody make a MCPE resource pack that brings back the pre 0.8.0 textures? >>
by Stefan25897
0 596
Port Okami Texture Pack to MCPE >>
by Sea3Wolf
3 2,180
Port [Request] Can someone PLEASE help me port over Greatwood? >>
by myrandamiller91
2 641
Port Can I Have Help Getting the Stuff I Need for a MCPE Resource Pack >>
by KingKreeper555
1 404
Port Help +1 More Can someone kindly help to port a texture pack? >>
by CrescentxD
0 428
Request 32x +1 More Flows HD 32x >>
by DaBossMC
0 1,567