Lord Of The Rings PE PC Port 0.13.x !!Over 100 New Items!! See other thread for new update!

Poll: Should remove default mob spawning?

I would replace default mobs with lotr mobs and make spawn eggs craftable so you cann still get your necessary mobs.

Poll: When Should I Release New Updates?

How should i release new update??

Poll: No New Mobs Will Be Added For Now

Until Creator Of Blocklauncher Allows Mobs To Wear Armor And Hold Tools(Zombies)

No New Mobs Will Be Added For Now - Multiple Choice

  • CLICK THIS IF YOU WANT TRADING ADDED TO MOD 72.2% of Users - 13 votes
  • CLICK IF YOU WANT A LETS PLAY 27.8% of Users - 5 votes

Ended Jan 28, 2016

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