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Poll: What do you think of the Aether?

What do you think of the Aether?

What do you think of the Aether? - Single Choice

  • Wait, there is still room for more options, so where is the obligatory random choice that is completely unrelated to the 3.5%
  • You're trying to ruin Minecraft! The only thing I hate more than the general idea is this specific concept for it. 0.8%
  • I hate the concept, no matter how cool your take on it is. 0.8%
  • I like the concept of Sky Islands, but not the way it's done here (comment) 1.3%
  • I like the concept of an Anti-Nether Realm, but not the way its done here (comment) 2.1%
  • This idea sounds really good, but I have concerns about certain things or don't understand something (comment) 5.7%
  • I love everything in this thread! 19.3%
  • I can't enjoy Minecraft now because it doesn't have the Aether. Please, Notch, for the love of all things good, add the 65.9%

Ended May 15, 2014

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