Modification Development

Assistance in the creation and development of Minecraft modifications.
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[[Solved]] >>
by Remalis
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[Unanswered] Wrong textures for stairs? [1.8.1] [4.4] >>
by Tyken132
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Help fixing Mod Error Reports >>
by SomeTurtle026
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Adding a Weapon to my Mob. >>
by _PH4NT0M_
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NPC MOD?? >>
by Iistahnner
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Main Menu Mod - Help >>
by xGTBx
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Help with new crafting bench. >>
by rockonwood007
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.mcr editing problem >>
by maseck
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Looking for a Developer >>
by DamionMoore
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How do rails and minecarts work? >>
by El_Zirbs
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How can I get a callback after every frame is rendered? >>
by last_username
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Need someone to help make a mod >>
by Thatdude111115
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need a GUI Creator >>
by charsmud
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Crusader Craft Failing to Launch >>
by uzgut
Witches And Wizards >>
by Crazy_Modder
Dimensional Death Calculater (Made for Modpacks With Lots Of Dimensions) >>
by themodpackmaker
Coding Almost A Entire Modpack Have Any Ideas? (SPOILERS ADDED!) (Modelers Wanted) >>
by Pokeyletsplays
Animation API experts needed >>
by MCFUser10037900
CODER NEEDED! ELDERCRAFT - Reloading Minecraft (ECRM) >>
by Karrotsmuthi
Need Developer who would be ok with allowing their MC modding videos to be used in our classroom >>
by mlemkin
W.I.P. Reinforced Blocks >>
by anthonydddd1
Journey to the Center of The Earth Mod Development >>
by Gramnin
Developer Group >>
by Starslayer71002
installing techne >>
by ben_g0
Help Wanted >>
by jMcC314
paying and looking for a team of modders to start a project >>
by MiningProGod
Who wants to help on my medieval-aged mod?| >>
by MCFUser10037900
Paying skilled moders to make this come true. >>
by MiningProGod
Modeler! >>
by Minecraft4455
Looking for texturers/modellers >>
by Agadar